Blue Kyanite Balance Earrings

  • Genuine kyanite and 14k gold fill earrings


    Intention: To express ourselves fully using the power of communication. Speak your truth.

    Affirmation: I communicate and connect with clarity and integrity.

    Chakra: The throat chakra - Energy center of communication.


    Kyanite reminds us how powerful our words are.

    At the basis of our natural instincts is the desire to connect and communicate.

    Communicate with clarity and truth.

    Your words are magic.


    These earrings hang about 1.5” long. Crystals are about 1” long.

    Please allow for natural variation in crystals. No two are the same. They are unique just like you!

    What is 14k gold fill? The next best thing to solid gold, better than gold plated. A very thick layer of 14k gold covers a brass core. It is allergy safe for sensitive skin, and will never tarnish or change color.