Seapod & Friends

Amrita Botanicals
Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems.
Blue Heron Botanicals
Skincare essentials, good for you and the environment.
Beard Art
A small view into the wonderful world of Matt Beard Art.
Colleen Clifford Glass
Beautifully wrapped stained glass treasures.
We Bee Kind
We Bee Kind has some of my favorite self care rituals.
Chrystal and Gold
This collection of jewelry embraces your spirit and radiates love!
Lit Rituals
I'm in love with these candles! They have upped my daily spiritual rituals and helped me create a sacred space in my home.
Sea to Seed
A true soul sister! Hanna from Sea to Seed creates the most enduring pieces of jewelry. You can see her love and passion for the sea in every piece.
Love Life CBD
These CBD tinctures from Love Life are my go to when in need of a little extra self love.
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